Soul Medicine

Are you seeking lasting change?





You are being called,

You are needed to utilise and maximise your talents  and wisdom to help the planet you live on and the future generations.


This is our journey to end the separation we have had with ourselves and all things for many lifetimes . As we, the heart centred leaders, return so shall the rivers, the air, the earth and we will honour, provide and protect once more.

Don’t hold back

I firmly believe the fastest path to success starts with enriching your inner practice and more and more are craving it right now on the planet. External success is not fulfilling us at all. When you work on your own unique spirit, advance the belief in you, you become resilient and are not seeking answers outside of yourself.

You are fired up from the inside to create change.

  • Do you feel that you are needed to utilise and maximise your talents and wisdom to help the planet you live on and the future generations?

  • Are you are desiring more insight into yourself, your business and all your relationships so that they all become richer?

  • Do you currently feel stuck and separated in some way?

  • You know there is so much more to you and your not quite sure where to start?

  • Are you craving to be free from the self limitations and blocks you put on yourself so that you can soar?

  • Do you have a strong desire and passion for change?

Spiritual knowledge and inner wisdom are the keys to opening the door . These keys  are given to you throughout the Sacred Steps and are truly transformational.

Personal discovery, professional discovery and discovery of how to change all relationships.

I promise you that you will use these for the rest of your life.

The wisdom magically grows as you grow.  They unlock further levels and awareness the more you use them.

This is truly one of the most powerful and precious courses that I run.


This is what happened to me in 2014, I was standing in my kitchen and then had a huge feeling through my body that a huge energetic change was on it way. I hadn’t done anything to bring it on either.  When I look back, it was my soul calling me for change. A knocking on my door. A feeling that I was meant to do more, to discover my gifts and to have the alignment, confidence and belief to get them out in the world to help others. The 12 Sacred Steps for Advanced Living and LeadershipTM has brought enormous change in both my personal and professional life as well as in my relationships. It continues to help me in my life with insight, spiritual and professional development, inner peace, understanding, balance as well as the courage and confidence to be all that I desire to be. It has stopped me being stuck in my old ways that didn’t serve my highest good or my mission on the planet.

It is a unique opportunity to awaken the power within you to carry out your unlimited dreams and potential.  This programme will help you to gain all tools to find a new and powerful way to live your life and career with happiness, inner peace, beauty, creativity and success in all areas.


The 12 Sacred Steps is an amazing programme for someone like you that is wanting :-

  • A richer relationship with yourself and others,

  • To maximise self trust and to advance the belief you have in yourself and the Universe,

  • A richer relationship with your soul’s purpose and your unique gifts,

  • To use spirituality alongside your life and career/business,

  • A deeper understanding of your inner being, to walk in peace and oneness on the planet you live on,

  • To deepen your relationship to the cosmos and to connect with your own guides and helpers,

  • To understand health and wealth on a deeper level,

  • Being able to eliminate the emotions that you know are currently holding you back,

  • Do you wish to be less fearful and more faith filled so you can make the right choices for you,

  • To understand your own unique gifts and discover more of your blueprint on the planet,

  • Igniting your inner passion,

  • To know how to live simpler yet achieve more,

  • To expand further into your Divine primal energy and power.


  • You have an inner knowing you are here to create change in the world in some way,

  • You have a desire to be healthier and wealthier,

  • You feel an internal calling for a bigger connection to the Planet and the Universe,

  • You feel that you want to create much more,

  • You know that there is much more to you and that something is currently missing,  

  • There is some separation from yourself in some way and you are feeling restless where you are,

  • You are desiring to be a bigger manifestor and a bigger creator to help others,

  • You want to take yourself and everybody else and your business to the next level,


The programme is extremely insightful. It is spiritual wisdom and how you create and live a different way that suits your energy and your passion. This is about coming home to a natural spiritual, peaceful and creative energy.

You are an energetic being and you would align to your essence, the natural essence of you.

Understanding yourself more and connecting to the spirit of who you are.

To think different,

be different and ,

to do different.

It is based on the original teachings by Julie Anne Hart in 2014, and the changes we have seen already are mind blowing with all the ladies and men we have mentored.

The programme can be taken over 6 or 12 months to suit your current needs and commitments.

There is the option to have the wisdom on it’s own to integrate yourself in your own time or to include the full mentoring from myself.

Please note there are also programmes for the Divine Masculine as the teachings are slightly different.   click here ….

I put everything I have into working with you. So, for that reason, we need to make sure we are right match for each other.

Let’s have a call to talk about how we can work together, and if it feels right, great. If not, I may be able to recommend someone or something else as I am connected to many inspirational and heart centred people like myself. I also offer many other programmes such as the Heart to Heart Empowerment,  I can therefore help you chose which teachings are best for your progress.

My passion is helping give you the tools so that you can succeed.

So if you feel this is for you and your soul is aching for change then please contact me to book a no pressure discovery call.