Soul Medicine

Are you seeking lasting change?

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed, It means it no longer has so much controls in our lives.”

Extensive research has proven that if certain emotions and beliefs are not healed that they can manifest as actual physical illness in the body.

In fact, latest research is now of the opinion that from 87% - 95% of all illness and diseases are caused primarily through the mental and emotional state of a person. Which can be traced back to what has gone on throughout peoples lives.

When we work on the cause and emotions the symptoms can dissolve.

I firmly believe that it is best to focus on the three area’s below to assist in feeling healthier, whole and more complete.

Your Body,

Your Mind,

Your Soul.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is a loving, vibrant, meaningful life. Self awareness alongside healing and empowerment greatly helps in eliminating the disharmony and the discord that you are having with yourself in some way.  

I specialise in bespoke medicines for the soul by combining various remedies, mentoring and teachings.

The healing work I offer, is extremely transformational as you are all unique with different needs or struggles.

Clients discover that they are free from the emotions, stresses, blocks, traumas and pain that they had been carrying for years.

  • Overall well being especially when you have low energy levels and have lost your spark

  • Deep stress and anxiety reduction

  • Pain reduction (I have clients I help who have ME, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Back ache plus much more)

  • Assists in releasing the emotions attached to trauma and/or abuse in a very gentle way as you don’t have to speak about it unless you want to

  • Low Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Re balancing and realigning your energy centres (Chakras) in your body and your Auric body

  • Clearing energy or pain blockages - especially clearing and releasing Karmic Blocks

  • Helping you with accepting and loving yourself and others more so that you want to feed you mind, body and soul with nourishment.

  • Heals unconscious patterns and helps with detoxification of the mind.

  • Increasing creativity and lust for life.

  • Creates trust in life and helps to heals relationships.

  • I help with much more than what is listed above as well .

In addition, I specialise in helping other healers, mentors, nurses, coaches, teachers and therapists feel better so that you can re fill your cup. I believe that it is really important that anyone in service looks after themselves as well.  

”As a healer and teacher myself, it is very comforting to know that there is someone I can go to myself for healing and advice. I always feel lifted and empowered afterwards and able to carry out my life and business ‘To do’ lists with greater clarity”.
— Katherine Deamer - Addiction Specialist and Spiritual Teacher

I offer a free 20 minute call to see how I may be able to help you.