Soul Medicine

Are you seeking lasting change?

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The journey begins with YOU

It is a journey of deep self discovery.

To know more of who you are and what you are here to do.

The ability to empower is to emerge into a whole new way of being with oneself as nothing is ever an outside factor.  It is the beautiful process of becoming stronger and more confident within yourself so that your not holding yourself back.

The journey begins with YOU as Empowered means ‘Me’ Powered.  

I firmly believe that self empowerment is an extremely powerful tool that creates lasting transformation. Sometimes you need some extra help from others to help you on your way and be accountable, I am passionate about helping you to do this.

My dedication is helping you see the unique power within yourself no matter what your journey has been like so far and what experiences you have had.   To find the hidden myth’s and to give you more confidence so that your not seeking externally for answers as much which is what I used to do.

You will take a life changing journey to more self discovery, to really know the real you for there is always more to uncover.  You are always learning, growing and stretching into more.

Discover the myth of your own mind and creation, to change from the inside out.

To SEE differently,

To THINK differently,

To FEEL differently.

To be free from inner judgement and/or criticism with no shame and no blame is the beginning of your empowerment healing.

I’m a great believer that when you look at things differently you can change the way you see and feel things.

At the heart of YOU is everything.

Creating a better mindset of all that does not serve will lead to better life actions with stronger results.

This wonderful program will help you emerge you a whole new way of being with yourself. It will help you within your current lifestyle and your career.

You will explore the HEART of your self awareness, self development and self discovery to understand the power and the potential of the true essence of who you really are.


At present, this is a course of 6 x 1-1 sessions and includes some deep healing as well as the discovery work.

Introductory price £600

I will soon be teaching this wisdom during weekend retreats in Derbyshire. Please let me know if you wish to be put on the mailing list for this.