Soul Medicine

Are you seeking lasting change?


Just like a flower, We are always ready to bloom.

If you’re searching to change your life … take a look in the mirror. With assistance you can take the next steps to deep discovery.
To fully flourish you need to understand what has really been holding you back. You may have tried many things already but still feel unease within yourself and your life. I can be the bridge to help you understand this more and move forward.
— Love Esther

Hello a huge welcome to my website and I am sure you have landed here for a reason. Many people like you find me as your soul is searching to discover more about yourself or that you need some help.

Soul Medicine is a hub for deep healing, development, confidence, well being, empowerment and leadership for heart centred people who desire to make a difference in the world.

I firmly believe the fastest path to success starts with enriching the relationship you are having with your life. More and more are craving it right now on the planet. External success has not been fulfilling people at all and it is time to understand the real richness in life.

When you work on your light, your unique love, advance the beliefs that you have in you, as well as empowering yourself more - your world changes. As you become more resilient you find that you are not constantly seeking for more, more, more whilst still feeling unfulfilled.

Invisible doors of peace and beauty start opening for you.

You may have already tried many methods but just know there is more and you want to work a little deeper.

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Are you feeling unfulfilled with where you are?

Do you feel out of alignment or in pain in some way which is stopping you carrying out your dreams?

Are you completely happy with your health and all your relationships ?

Does your precious soul know it needs some healing?

Do you desire more energy and enthusiasm in life?

Is it time you did something about it?

I can help you shift your awareness so that you know yourself more.

I uniquely work with various tools to enable this process so you can heal and align with your true spirit, with your soul's purpose, your gifts, your blueprint and your legacy on the planet.

So that you can feel whole, happy, inspired and complete............. To most importantly thrive in life.

My passion is to help you so that you can realign inside for clarity, inner peace, love, acceptance and direction in life. I work closely on the relationship you are having with yourself as this governs everything else that is showing up in your life.

I love seeing the people I work with transform on a deeper level, so you can be free from the issues, blocks, pain, illness and emotions that have been holding you back.

To end up living the life you want with passion, love, determination and joy.

If your feeling separated from yourself, from others or your career in some way then I would love to see how I can help be one of the people that can help you bridge the gap on your journey.

The Soul Medicine Approach

My mission is to provide an honest and professional service which will leave you with greater clarity and joy in your life.

I have over 12 years experience in transformational healing and use an intuitive and holistic approach to complete wellness. When your Mind, Body and Spirit are all working in harmony together, you can SHINE in all areas of your life. I focus on the relationship you have with yourself, with others, your career/business, and Mother Earth.

I offer a wide range of workshops, courses and retreats. Passing on wisdom and tools for your growth. Please have a look at the Healing and Courses sections for further information on some of the courses I run.

I mainly work in Nottingham or on-line for my 1 to 1 clients. The majority of my spiritual development workshops are also in Nottingham however I work in Derbyshire and North Wales at times.

Please Note - Many retreats will be coming in 2019. Most will take place on stunning and sacred land in the Derbyshire Dales as it is known as the land of beauty and abundance which is perfect for doing soul and personal development work.

Please let me know if you wish to be put on the mailing list for any of the retreats and workshops.