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How to heal from the past

What is emotional healing all about ?

Most people have suffered some form of trauma during their life walk, for some of us it is recent trauma and or illness and also it could have been when you were younger. You may also feel that you know deep down that something has happened to you in a past life that is keeping you stuck in some way.  The good news is that things can be done about it so you can move forward in life and your relationships. These patterns can lie in your subconscious (hidden mind) and keep showing up. Such as if you had a car accident when you were younger and you are still affected by it. Or that you are scared to let real love in for the fear of being hurt again.

This was me, I instinctively knew deep down that something had happened to me in a past life as was so affected by things I heard that had happened to others …. I used to tell one of my best friends about some of the insights I had and I am sure she thought I was crazy at the time as we were both much younger (we were in our early twenties).  It massively affected my relationship with men, love and intimacy. At the time, we were unaware of what past lives issues, spiritual contracts and other spiritual truths. I knew it hadn’t happened in this life and wanted to be freed from the negative thoughts and feelings I had.  There are many things that can help you if this blog relates to you as powerful therapies such as Shamanic Healing and Hypnotherapy can greatly help.

I was very drawn to Shamanic Healing a long time ago whilst vising Machu Picchu in Peru and ended up training in it. It was obviously meant to be as what you are drawn to it is usually the perfect tonic that you need yourself. After receiving Shamanic Healing numerous times by others and by myself, I have removed many of the blocks that kept me from having true and loving relationships. Huge shifts happened for me and I have also seen this with many client’s too which ever modality of healing they opt for.

Healing can work as a spiritual and emotional anesthesia hence reducing the emotional pain helping us move on in life.  This then aids in helping us to get rid of addictions, self sabotage, break repeated negative patterns and assisting in breaking eliminating toxic relations from our life. We carry these memories in our cells, our DNA and affect us in so many ways that we are unaware of – stopping us from being truly happy and moving on from the past.  Thoughts and feelings stick in our memories it is best they are cleared.

Karuna, Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy work wonders when inner child issues are being healed, especially people who have suffered from some kind of abuse, illness, trauma or deep unhappiness when they were younger. It greatly helps in releasing the issues of shame and unworthiness from the subconscious mind and also the suppressed traumatic memories. If these memories and feelings are not gently released then they can manifest as actual physical illness in the body and there is so much scientific research to prove this. You just had to read some of Louise Hay’s exceptional work to fully comprehend this as well as many other people who have healed from very traumatic experiences. They always say “time is a healer” and this is true to some extent but why not help yourself along the way and work on a deeper level so that you are free. So many people have said to me … “Wow you have taken away the pain and the grief” other’s can’t believe that some of anger and bitterness that they were holding onto has been released.

Even the strongest people are holding onto some wounds (hidden or unhidden).

The beauty of healing is that the clients I work with don’t have to re-live any painful memories by talking about the experience over and over.  All they have to do is lie on the couch and listen to relaxing music while I carry out the powerful energy work, seamlessly releasing the emotions.   Having said that, if any of my clients feel they want to talk about their experiences then I am able to help in that way too.  It is all relevant and as a client they are in full control at every point.

During a session, I work with beautiful energies allowing a wonderful vibrancy to take place within and around you.  It is a beautifully relaxing experience and the inner peace feeling carries on working well afterwards.

What can healing help with :-

Healing restores balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and brings about deep healing;

Breaks up negative patterns and dissolves the ego;

Assists you to see and accept the truth and not the myth that you may be feeding yourself;

Clears blockages from all Chakra’s and organs;

Helps in building up self-love and taking ownership for one’s health and well being;

Can be used for illness, trauma and abuse issues (past life issues too).

Please note that healing works on many other issues, I just wanted this blog to be about the past so that more people can be educated and aware of what is available to them.

Please do not hesitate to speak to me if you have any queries at all in relation to what I have written about.  I am very kind, honest and approachable and I totally understand that some of what I write about may be a new concept to some of my readers. It was to me years ago until I started seeing more and more proof about things that were being healed.  If anyone came to see me they wouldn’t even have to tell me what they were there for as I work intuitively and the healing will be sent to where it needs to go. That’s what I love so much about it as most of the time people don’t want to talk about some of their deepest darkest fears or emotions.

I adore my job as I see huge results on a daily basis from my clients and have lots of experience with a number of complex issues. I also work very closely with other therapists who have also experience in specific area’s to ensure you get the best advice all round.

We all want to be free from any feelings, pain and emotions and to live our lives as happy and as free as we can.


Esther Felder Owen