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Carina- ARtist

Wow wow wow!  amazing.

I really love your sessions & feel they help me so much & I’m connecting with myself again.

Slept well last night , today gone crazy with all my creative projects.


Emilie Suffolk

Last year I put out a signal to the Universe that I wanted a spiritual coach to help further my spiritual awareness. Then by chance I met Esther!!

Esther's approach is welcoming, warm and nurturing. She is insightful and knowledgeable. I've just completed Reiki 1 with her and can't wait for Reiki 2. The Star Matrix process that she does is life changing too as I have managed to clear a lot of the issues that were holding me back in life. Thank you Esther xxx

andrea Wilde -

Wilde about tan

Weirdly, when I was on holiday and feeling less than fantastic about myself, I decided I needed to visit Esther Felder-Owen and so booked an appointment for my return. Esther didn’t tell me much about what to expect beforehand because she didn’t want to ruin it for me. Likewise, I don’t want to be so detailed about my experience that you expect to expect the same…but in brief, I lay on the bed face up, fully clothed under a light blanket and closed my eyes, Esther placed her hands on my shoulders (and yes, I thought, is this it??), I soon relaxed and shut my mind up. She then placed her hands on my face and then head…! I wanted to open my eyes and ask her if she could see what I could see, my breathing changed and my chest contracted. What a strange but wonderful feeling. At one point I felt an abundance of emotional happiness, the next,when her hands were on my tummy, was quite the opposite. I didn’t feel emotions or see colours for the whole treatment but Esther did and she explained to me what they meant afterwards. She handed me a piece of paper which explained even more and it could not have made any more sense if Esther had been living with me and felt everything with me as the experiences happened. I promise, I am not turning into some hippy chick, but I think it’s well worth you giving this treatment a go. I want to see the pretty colours again and so for sure will be visiting the beautiful and kind Esther again. I can’t wait.

Gemma Nelson -

Healer & Spiritual Teacher

I was also magically guided to Esther, I had the Hopi Ear Candles which is just truly wonderful, a really comforting process, awesome what comes out, my ears feel great!

Then followed by that had an awesome shamanic healing (I am a healer myself yet it is always humbling to receive, this was truly divinely given) which is beyond words to express the colours, sensations, things I saw. Esther also explains what she channels and senses, I could relate to all she said.

If you do anything this year, treat yourself!

Sarah Trim

Thank you so much Esther for the deeply healing and relaxing Karuna Reiki session yesterday. I arrived from a place of extremely low energy, feeling very weighed down and had lost my mojo so to speak. From the initial point of contact, I immediately felt a sense of ease and in very experienced hands. Esther always takes the time to listen and understand how I’m feeling (if I want to) and to get the very best from the session. I’ve had numerous Reiki treatments with Esther, since meeting her a couple of years ago and on this occasion, I decided on the Karuna Reiki to work on a deeper level. Wow, what a perfect choice! The treatment was ‘delicious’, a feeling of pure loving energy nourishing, comforting and calming with a deep sense of inner peace. I also loved the fact that after the session Esther took the time to discuss the healing with me which was so insightful and liberating. I felt a great weight had been lifted and set free, deeply soothed and a feeling of inner calm and joy. So glad to have met you Esther, you’ve literally uplifted my soul and changed my life for the better on so many levels.


After experiencing confusion, depression, anxiety and low energy due to my workload and family life / work balance.  I decided to contact Esther for some deep mentoring as someone had recommended her.

She has excellent understanding and communication as I must confess I wasn’t sure what to expect in my first session. I was nervous but she soon put me as ease. I felt completely comfortable and safe to open up and will continue to visit in the future as it’s really helped me with clarity even after the first session. It was life changing! She is amazing. Highly recommend her to anyone especially men who may not always know where to start and feel that others around don’t understand them.

Saffron bradshaw-reiki bliss

Thanks to Esther, I have had the courage and found the confidence to go for my dreams and live life feeling excited and limitless. I first met Esther 3 years ago and had no idea what Reiki was but was intrigued to learn more. I went on to complete my level 1 and level 2 Reiki which completely changed my whole life and I knew I was meant to be a healer. Esther has always supported me and encouraged me so when the opportunity came up to go even deeper in to my own spirituality I did. I chose Esther be my spiritual mentor whilst completing the Reiki my soul said a big fat yes to the next progression. What Esther has given me through the wisdom and the mentoring is priceless. I'm so much more self aware, I have learnt to love myself more, I live in the magic of the universe and have had the confidence to let go of my limiting beliefs and fulfil my purpose by helping others do the same. I'm at the very start of my journey and I still have a few months left on the 12 steps. I cannot actually believe the change within me and I'm so excited to continue learning and growing even more with Esther by my side encouraging me and celebrating every little achievement I have had. Thank you Esther. If you are contemplating doing any of Esther's programs trust your soul as it will know what to do. Investment in to my own development and spiritual growth was the best thing I have ever done and I know it will all be more than worth it. Esther, you are a true light worker and wise lady. Thank you for everything xx

Tara Russo - Well being for kids

"I received some calming, powerful healing from Esther at a trying time in my life. I had issues from long ago niggling on my mind and had just suffered a bereavement. Esther's lovely, nurturing manner and powerful healing made me feel so much better. Within a day or so I felt much more light hearted about the niggling issue and was able to cope more easily with the bereavement. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you seek clarity and relief from issues that might be troubling you or giving you pain"