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Total Awareness

Are you ready for total awareness? So that you can have richer relationships, especially the one you have with yourself, others and your life?

Are you ready to move out of your own way and see the truth in the situation that has been formed?

Then this is for you :-

Wisdom for wonderful relationships

Remember that every single feeling you have has a cause and effect in your experiences,

Every assumption, judgement, criticism, blame, self loathing has a consequence, and it is not your fault either. So many factors have caused this and you may be exhausted in trying to make things better.

Every perception holds a vibration which can form into an experience,

Transforming yourself is a return to the truth within you and it aids in all areas of your life and career.

This amazing therapy process will bring you face to face with yourself so you can firstly acknowledge those feelings that do not serve you, discovering they are not your fault either. We have all been through so much on the planet and what the mind has fed us is mostly huge lies.

Many of these feelings are deeply and hidden, they are sometimes so sneaky and sophisticated. The good news they can be transformed so that you have a much better relationship with life.

From a stance of pure love you can rise into more of the true you, the one that isn’t held back by fears, limitations and myth’s you have unconsciously and consciously fed yourself.

If you have a voice inside that feeds you that you are unworthy, unlovable, lazy, not good enough, useless, a failure, irritating, useless, telling yourself “It won’t work” then it can be shifted .

Even if it is a slight inner voice on some level then it will affecting every experience your currently having. I promise. You will be creating experiences unconsciously and YOU can take ownership and change these.  It will help you clear and purify all of the feelings that do not support you.

I work with it on myself all the time and it has been one of the best tecqniques I have ever trained in.

  • The Relationship that you have with yourself

  • The Relationship that you have with others and what is showing up in your life

  • The Relationship that you have with God and Mother Earth

  • It can also look at your family patterns and healing

Give it a try, it is extremely powerful and will assist you on so many levels.

The men and women I have worked with have seen significant transformations in their lives and business.  They are not having the same experiences as they use to as they have discovered what they use to feed themselves was not the truth.

It’s a must for anyone and works well with for other therapists, coaches, mentors, healers, teachers, authors, business owners, creatives.

Pre-Consultations are free of charge to see if this is suitable for you and to answer any questions you may have.

£120.00 Per Session – The duration is around 2 hours