Soul Medicine

Are you seeking lasting change?



I run a number of Soulful workshops which are mainly held in Nottingham or Derbyshire.

Some of the most successful ones are the Inner Goddess Workshops or the Ultimate Love Workshops as they dig deep into looking at how you can learn to become a better creator of your life.

The beautiful Goddess within ...Who is She to you?

She is your unique love and power.

The Divine Feminine rising within your blood and your bones.

A large stirring in your heart saying Yes to what life has to offer you.

The Goddess

The Deity

The Divine Feminine

A strong and Pure Voice

The Great Mystery

The web-weaver of life .. with your life and for those who will walk long after you.

The creativity and life force within.

When she calls your soul some more, you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer. The treasure awaits as you return to the love within for yourself and all of creation.

She owns her body and her soul.

She is always ready to create more passion and purpose on your Earth Walk with upmost compassion.

Ready to see the sparking diamonds that were already in your heart.

I run many more and have many more in the pipeline for this year where I am collaborating with other teachers and therapists. Such as :-

The Medicine Wheel of Life

Goddess Days

Deep Inner work Days

Spiritual Tools for Understanding your Energy and how to Ground, Cleanse and Protect plus much more

Healing and Nutrition

Firing the passion Within

How to deal with Overwhelm and not feeling great about yourself

Please keep in touch if you wish to know more.



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