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I run a number of Soulful events and workshops which are mainly held in Nottingham or Derbyshire.

Some of the most successful ones are the Ultimate Love Workshops as they dig deep into looking at how you can learn to become more ware of what is really going on it your life.

Thanks Esther and Gemma for an amazing evening last night. I can’t tell you how much your meditation and wisdom helped me today to feel confidence and self love to a level I’ve not experienced in some time. I did amazing in my radio interview today as I felt balanced and enabled to speak my truth. All, down to Esther, Gemma and the beautiful vibes from the group. Would highly recommend and can’t wait for my next course. Thanks ladies! I feel amazing.❤️ - Rachel

The beautiful feminine...Who is She to you?

Rising within your soul , your blood and your bones.

A large stirring in your heart saying YES to what life has to offer you.

Full of love for herself, for Others and The Planet,

With a strong, courageous knowing,

A Pure Heart and Voice,

With deep integrity and passion for good.

The creator of life and for those who will walk long after you.

The creativity and life force within.

When your soul calls for some more, you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer. The treasure awaits as you return to the love within for yourself and all of creation.

Respecting your delicate soul and everybody else’s.

The areas I cover are:-

Deep Inner work

Releasing the Shadow - The aspects you are not happy with and haven not been able to shift so far no matter how hard you have been trying.

Healing and Nutrition

Igniting the passion Within

How to deal with Overwhelm and not feeling great about yourself

I can also work on a 1-2-1 basis with you if that suits you better.

Please keep in touch if you wish to know more.